What’s New

Custom-Blended Re-White Treatment

1 hr 30 mins
Explores the very source of skin problems to brighten every skin cell from within. Newly hydrated and supple, the skin reveals the discreet elegance of pure fairness. It’s a wondrous return to original beauty.
- Amplifies the benefits of our Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas, a whitening collection that has been officially authenticated as a Quasi-drug in Japan. Its whitening ingredients include Tranexamic Acid to suppress the production of melanin in a double action
- Incorporates the innovative “Penetration & Electroporation Solution”. This enables the nutrients to effectively penetrate deep into the basal layer, and facilitate the infusion of intense nourishment into every skin cell 
- Effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, skin sallowness is diminished, uneven skin tone is improved and the formation of dark spots and freckles is prevented. A translucent, pure fairness is revealed from within

Custom-Blended Purifying Defense Treatment

1 hr 30 mins
With our Purifying Defense 3-step ritual - Purifying, Oxy-Boosting and Defensing, this treatment helps to restore your skin’s purity, arming you with the ultimate protection.
- With the core value of  [ Custom-Blended Skincare , this treatment unveil your specific skin conditions with a personalized recommendation for extracts through professional skin analysis and assessment
- Use our 5-star ECOFIT Organic Certification skincare products - Custom-Blended Harmonious Collection, with lymphatic drainage massage to open up occluded lymph node, detoxifies the skin, and reduces any signs of edema

Custom-Blended OxyBright Facial Treatment

1 hr 45 mins
Incorporates the benefits of “skin breathing” to comprehensively boost energy and give skin a completely refreshed look during summer, letting skin diffuse an authentically natural luster. 
- Uses naturally extracted fruit acids gently remove stubborn and aged cuticle cells 
- Utilizes the latest in hyperbaric oxygen technology. Every inch of skin is saturated with oxygen, transferring active nutrients directly to skin cells
- Uses the signature Custom-Blended Hydrating Mask to provide a seemingly endless supply of moisture