Best Sellers

Reishi Renewal Therapy

2 hrs

Reishi Renewal Therapy is the ideal solution for strengthening skin by deeply nurturing, and balancing body, mind and soul which is filled with the warmest of love and being loved. Finally, giving skin relaxing, stress-free experience and restoring your “Authentic Beauty” during this golden season. This treatment includes

- Natural Sesame Herbal Thermotherapy – promotes detoxification
- Reishi Essential Oil – provides incomparable nourish and strengthens the skin
- Vitamin A & E and Amino Acids – enhances face firming
- Reishi Mask – doubles the anti-aging effect
- Caviar Collagen Mask – returns skin elasticity

Nutriment Collagen Treatment

1 hr 45 mins

Bring a surge of moisture and nourishment to the skin with this intensely reviving therapy.  Perfect for dry and combination skin and overflowing with vitamins and the finest customized essences, this regenerating facial instantly smoothes, firms and moisturizes the skin for a radiantly gorgeous glow.  

Collagen Restructuring Treatment

1 hr 30 mins

Combining safe and effective radio frequency technology with custom- blended therapeutic essences.  This regenerating treatment is designed to stimulate circulation and enhance skin firmness by renewing cells from deep within the dermal layers.  A beautifully hydrating collagen mask competes the experience restoring depleted collagen and leaving the skin smooth, soft and gloriously vibrant.

Aqua Face Rejuvenation Therapy

1 hr 15 mins

The perfect facial treatment to refresh and refine pores, restore balance and fortify skin to fight against summer skin problems through the use of innovative Two-way Drainage Technology.  Followed by a Collagen Mask to firm and rejuvenate tired and dull skin, the treatment leaves skin with a youthful complexion and balance for stronger, healthier skin that glows from within.

Custom-Blended Re-White Treatment

1 hr 30 mins
Explores the very source of skin problems to brighten every skin cell from within. Newly hydrated and supple, the skin reveals the discreet elegance of pure fairness. It’s a wondrous return to original beauty.
- Amplifies the benefits of our Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas, a whitening collection that has been officially authenticated as a Quasi-drug in Japan. Its whitening ingredients include Tranexamic Acid to suppress the production of melanin in a double action
- Incorporates the innovative “Penetration & Electroporation Solution”. This enables the nutrients to effectively penetrate deep into the basal layer, and facilitate the infusion of intense nourishment into every skin cell 
- Effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, skin sallowness is diminished, uneven skin tone is improved and the formation of dark spots and freckles is prevented. A translucent, pure fairness is revealed from within