Men Space

MTM’s Men Space offers high performance facial treatments designed with the needs of the modern man in mind. With emphasis on eliminating the stress and toxins of daily life, skin will be thoroughly cleansed and visibly recharged. We select the most appropriate of our advanced facials and customize them especially for men.


Aloe Collagen A Plus

1 hr 30 mins

The perfect complement to your Aloe Collagen A experience.  This nourishing eye massage add-on repairs damage around the sensitive eye area leaving skin sparkling radiantly.

Aqua Face Rejuvenation Therapy

1 hr 15 mins

The perfect facial treatment to refresh and refine pores, restore balance and fortify skin to fight against summer skin problems through the use of innovative Two-way Drainage Technology.  Followed by a Collagen Mask to firm and rejuvenate tired and dull skin, the treatment leaves skin with a youthful complexion and balance for stronger, healthier skin that glows from within.

Collagen B

1 hr 45 mins

Ideal for dry and combination skin, this intensive renewing therapy cleanses and nurtures, reducing lines and restoring elasticity, for a visibly younger, softer and more luminous look.


1 hr 15 mins

The perfect solution for inflamed and acne-prone skin.  This calming facial includes a soothing facial massage and double Custom-Blended mask application, to cleanse and rejuvenates sensitive skin from deep within, leaving it utterly soft, smooth and radiant. 

Deep Tissue Cleansing

1 hr

This refreshing therapy combines deep skin exfoliation with an energizing facial massage to clean and revitalize dull and tired skin for a gorgeously revitalized glow.