Advanced Revival

Rediscover radiantly luminous skin with this powerful range of treatments combining the benefits of advanced facial technology with our unique Custom-Blended prescriptions.

Double Whitening & Brightening


Custom-Blended Re-White Treatment

1 hr 30 mins
Explores the very source of skin problems to brighten every skin cell from within. Newly hydrated and supple, the skin reveals the discreet elegance of pure fairness. It’s a wondrous return to original beauty.
- Amplifies the benefits of our Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas, a whitening collection that has been officially authenticated as a Quasi-drug in Japan. Its whitening ingredients include Tranexamic Acid to suppress the production of melanin in a double action
- Incorporates the innovative “Penetration & Electroporation Solution”. This enables the nutrients to effectively penetrate deep into the basal layer, and facilitate the infusion of intense nourishment into every skin cell 
- Effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, skin sallowness is diminished, uneven skin tone is improved and the formation of dark spots and freckles is prevented. A translucent, pure fairness is revealed from within

Visible Brightening Treatment

1 hr 30 mins

The facial treatment brings you a special combination of multi-vitamins, including Vitamin A, E and C for their anti-oxidant, anti-ageing qualities.  Uses essences like Japanese Rice Bran Extract and Plant Extract Complex by applying RF energy directly to the dermal layer to reduce melanin formation and activation of Tyrosinase.

Vitalizing Vitamin C Collagen A

1 hr 30 mins

This revitalizing facial is perfect for dull, oily and pore-clogged skin, as it combines a deep cleansing face and eye massage with Vitamin C Collagen mask to purify, nourish and brighten the skin with immediate effects.

Detox and Awakening


Custom-Blended Purifying Defense Treatment

1 hr 30 mins
With our Purifying Defense 3-step ritual - Purifying, Oxy-Boosting and Defensing, this treatment helps to restore your skin’s purity, arming you with the ultimate protection.
- With the core value of  [ Custom-Blended Skincare , this treatment unveil your specific skin conditions with a personalized recommendation for extracts through professional skin analysis and assessment
- Use our 5-star ECOFIT Organic Certification skincare products - Custom-Blended Harmonious Collection, with lymphatic drainage massage to open up occluded lymph node, detoxifies the skin, and reduces any signs of edema

Energizing Luminous Therapy

1 hr 45 mins

This energizing facial combines the skin reviving benefits of lymphatic drainage therapy and hot basalt stone therapy, to instantly invigorate circulation, cleansing and purifying the skin for a healthy recharged glow. 

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatment

1 hr 45 mins

Perfect for tired, lifeless and sensitive skin.  This revitalizing facial combines the skin nurturing benefits of our Custom-Blended Anti Oxidant Mask with specialized light pumping lymphatic drainage massage techniques to kick start the circulation and eliminate toxins and fluid retention.  A Green Tea Collagen Mask completes the experience to leave the skin super soft, smooth and glowing.

Replenish Radiator


Custom-Blended OxyBright Facial Treatment

1 hr 45 mins
Incorporates the benefits of “skin breathing” to comprehensively boost energy and give skin a completely refreshed look during summer, letting skin diffuse an authentically natural luster. 
- Uses naturally extracted fruit acids gently remove stubborn and aged cuticle cells 
- Utilizes the latest in hyperbaric oxygen technology. Every inch of skin is saturated with oxygen, transferring active nutrients directly to skin cells
- Uses the signature Custom-Blended Hydrating Mask to provide a seemingly endless supply of moisture

Green Tea Collagen A Plus

1 hr 30 mins

This nourishing treatment combines a nutritional, hydrating massage and a Green tea collagen mask to leave thirsty skin feeling satisfied. Using natural ingredients, the therapy is designed to soften the signs of aging and to brighten skin to glow from within. 
The perfect complement to your Green Tea Collagen A experience, this nourishing eye therapy add-on completely revitalizes the sensitive eye area.

Q10+ Collagen Treatment

1 hr 45 mins

This potent treatment contains supreme anti aging ingredients – Q10 and Caviar extract – infused with a thoroughly cleansing and nourishing massage.  Therapy finishes with a Caviar Collagen Mask, rich in protein and vitamins, to repair visible signs of aging and to counteract the damaging effects of everyday pollution.  Your skin is left instantly firmed and free of pores, delivering truly luminous results. 

Anti-Oxidant Plus

1 hr 45 mins

Perfect for combination to dry skin types.  This treatment has a triple action effect of anti-aging, firming, and moisturizing.  Therapy begins with application of a suitable essence before a skin toning mask, then follows with an eye massage and a moisturizing face massage using essences like bearberry extract.  The antioxidant experience is completed with a hydrating collagen mask to deliver smooth, toned and radiant skin. 

Green Tea Collagen A

1 hr 15 mins

This nourishing treatment combines a nutritional, hydrating massage and a Green tea collagen mask to leave thirsty skin feeling satisfied.  Using natural ingredients, the therapy is designed to soften the signs of aging and to brighten skin to glow from within.

Firming & Brightening


Porcelain Firming Treatment

1 hr 45 mins
This new Porcelain Firming Treatment combines the benefits of new anti-aging [ Custom-Blended Skincare ] Essences and the moisturizing and anti-wrinkle benefits of Satinviar Cream, with the unique facial contour firming and warm-cool energy stone massages to restore the skin’s natural vitality, producing a delicately sculpted, porcelain white complexion.
- Titanium content in the energy stone helps promote the skin’s micro-circulation
- The warm energy stone soothes muscle tension, facilitating deep muscle relaxation
- The cold energy stone gives skin quick relief and alleviates stress, facilitating the down-size of noticeable pores and firming of facial contour