Forever Young

Firming care for mature skin and a radiantly youthful glow.

Ultimate Nourishing


Reishi Renewal Therapy

2 hrs

Reishi Renewal Therapy is the ideal solution for strengthening skin by deeply nurturing, and balancing body, mind and soul which is filled with the warmest of love and being loved. Finally, giving skin relaxing, stress-free experience and restoring your “Authentic Beauty” during this golden season. This treatment includes

- Natural Sesame Herbal Thermotherapy – promotes detoxification
- Reishi Essential Oil – provides incomparable nourish and strengthens the skin
- Vitamin A & E and Amino Acids – enhances face firming
- Reishi Mask – doubles the anti-aging effect
- Caviar Collagen Mask – returns skin elasticity

Nourishing Treatment Delight

1 hr 45 mins

Regenerate your skin with this intensely nourishing facial experience.  After deep exfoliation and a customized eye massage, the face is smoothed and nourished with a vitamin-enriched nutriment moisturizing massage.  Application of a silk protein gel and enriching nutriment mask completes the experience, restoring elasticity and tone for a visibly younger, softer and brighter look. 

Nutriment Radiance Plus Treatment

1 hr 15 mins

The perfect solution for tired, dull and aging skin.  This deeply nourishing facial combines the goodness of custom blended Nutriment face mask and a natural seaweed eye therapy with deeply penetrating massage techniques to instantly brighten the complexion, minimizing lines and restoring elasticity, for a visibly younger, softer and more luminous look.  

Vitalizing Caviar Collagen A Plus

1 hr 30 mins

The perfect complement to your Caviar Collagen experience.  This nourishing eye massage add-on is destined to leave eyes endlessly sparkling.

Vitalizing Caviar Collagen A

1 hr 15 mins

This exquisite custom blended therapy features an intensely nourishing caviar collagen mask that is combined with a rhythmic facial massage with nutrient-enriched Hydro Restoring Cream and marine collagen essences overflowing with essential vitamins and protein then competed with a Caviar Collagen Mask.  This potent formula instantly renews and replenishes from deep within, boosting circulation and locking in moisture, leaving the skin completely revitalized and glowing. 

Nutriment Collagen Treatment

1 hr 45 mins

Bring a surge of moisture and nourishment to the skin with this intensely reviving therapy.  Perfect for dry and combination skin and overflowing with vitamins and the finest customized essences, this regenerating facial instantly smoothes, firms and moisturizes the skin for a radiantly gorgeous glow.  

Lifting Resurgence


Collagen Restructuring Treatment

1 hr 30 mins

Combining safe and effective radio frequency technology with custom- blended therapeutic essences.  This regenerating treatment is designed to stimulate circulation and enhance skin firmness by renewing cells from deep within the dermal layers.  A beautifully hydrating collagen mask competes the experience restoring depleted collagen and leaving the skin smooth, soft and gloriously vibrant.

Skin Renewal


Diamond Peeling Treatment

1 hr 30 mins

This tasteful treatment combines the smoothing and refining power of lymphatic drainage with the penetrating ingredients in the diamond facial peel to seriously exfoliate from deep within.  A dose of Pure Oxygen then instantly awakens the skin before the nurturing Green Tea Collagen Mask to nourish this freshly renewed skin for a silky smooth and luminous look.

Aqua Face Rejuvenation Therapy

1 hr 15 mins

The perfect facial treatment to refresh and refine pores, restore balance and fortify skin to fight against summer skin problems through the use of innovative Two-way Drainage Technology.  Followed by a Collagen Mask to firm and rejuvenate tired and dull skin, the treatment leaves skin with a youthful complexion and balance for stronger, healthier skin that glows from within.