Special Measures for Novel Coronavirus



In view of the recent conditions of the novel coronavirus, we have implemented the following arrangements to ensure store hygiene and prevent the spread of the disease, and to protect customers and employees.
For employees
1. Employees must perform hand hygiene with alcohol hand rub before entering the store.
2. Employees must wear surgical masks provided by MTM at any time in the store.
3. Employees must measure their body temperature with the thermometer provided by MTM before going to work, to ensure that there is no fever or symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.
4. Before employees serve customers, they must wash their hands with liquid soap and perform hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand rub.
1. A touch-free alcohol-based hand rub dispenser is placed at the front desk of the stores for customers and employees.
2. Clean the floor daily with diluted bleach.
3. Request the laundry company to wash the towels and bedding with bleach.
4. Clean the furniture and equipment of the shop with disinfectant spray daily.
Before enjoying the treatment services in MTM, we would like to measure the body temperature of customers on their behalf. If there is fever, we would recommend them to stay at home and amend the treatment appointment time.
To ensure the safety of the community, anyone who has travelled to countries/areas with active community transmission of COVID-19 virus or has symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, such as fever, cough, runny nose, etc., is recommended to stay at home.  If you are concerned about an outbreak or is unwell and wants to cancel a treatment appointment, you are welcome to amend the treatment appointment time.
If you have any queries, please inquire by 2811 5885.
MTM wishes you to have good health.