Authentic Beauty - Spring.White Reveals



Mild breeze marks the awakening of Spring. Filled with life, the world celebrates the season in a burst of innate and organic color.

White is the symbol of discreet elegance in nature, purity, and the eternal base colour. As a welcome to spring, it’s time to synchronize with the rhythm of the season, discover the intrinsic base colour of skin to realize your Authentic Beauty.

A complete whitening solution to reveal the original fairness of your skin
Step 1. Cleansing - The First step towards radiant skin
⦁ Custom-Blended Cleansers, Toners and Exfoliators  
Cleansing is essential and fundamental to whitening skin in spring.
Step 2. Repairing - Targeted Whitening Skincare
⦁ Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas
A whitening collection is officially approved as a Quasi-drug in Japan with excellent levels of safety and efficacy under precise authentication procedures
⦁ Custom-Blended Re-White Treatment
Explores the very source of skin problems to brighten every skin cell from within. The skin reveals the discreet elegance of pure fairness.
⦁ Clarity Brightening Treatment
Dual-pulsed laser improves uneven pigmentation on every layer of your skin.
Step 3. Protection - All-round Sun and Photoaging Protection
⦁ AquaBB Cream SPF30 PA++, Solar Shield Aqua Fit SPF25 PA++, and Solar Shield PLUS SPF50+ PA+++
Effectively resists UVA and UVB to prevent melanin formation and photoaging.

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