Authentic Beauty ‧ Glistening and Cozy Seasons – Autumn Maple and Winter Snow



Pay respect to nature. Listen to its origins. Return to the pristine. 
Discover and explore the original beauty in the natural world. 
The quest for <Authentic Beauty> lies behind MTM’s core value [ Custom-Blended Skincare ]. Through targeted approaches formulated for individual skin needs, MTM helps strengthen everyone's skin to unleash its ultimate beauty.
An adieu to summer, the autumn breeze refreshes the body and mind. Ablaze with colors, the falling leaves filled the season with life.
Summer puts our skin through quite an ordeal with strong UV rays and humid weather. With the belief skin is imprinted with unique qualities like fingerprints, we understand skin's specific needs and changes as autumn steps in and temperature drops. To safeguard your skin like a personal coach, MTM presents  [ Custom-Blended Skincare ] solutions to promote deep nourishment and hydration for your delicate skin, and alleviate the challenges arising from the dry season, unleashing your <Authentic Beauty> from within.
Recommended skincare products and treatment services in autumn and winter
Custom-Blended 3D CollaMoist Series
Incorporating 3D Intelligent Infusion Technology, this series allows the reparative ingredients extracted from deep-sea fish, Tri-Marine Collagen, to deeply permeate each layer of the skin. This activates each cell’s regenerative ability, nourishes deeply and replenishes collagen and moisture. MTM listens carefully to the needs of skin through professional skin analysis and assessment, the series works with Custom-Blended extracts for instant and personalised results.
Nutriment Collagen Treatment 
Brings a surge of moisture and nourishment to the skin. Overflowing with Vitamins A & E, and a rich variety of Custom-Blended extracts, this regenerating facial treatment instantly smoothes, firms and moisturizes the skin deeply for a radiantly gorgeous glow. Perfect for mature, dry and combination skin. 
Zen Happiness Experience – Genki at SPA by MTM
A combination of ancient Zen philosophy and Indian Ayurvedic theory, Zen Happiness Experience – Genki starts with a Natural Detoxification Massage with Moon Stone Blend Oil, bringing Kapha, Pitta and Vata into balance. With its ability to absorb spiritual energy, moonstone nurtures body, mind and soul while releasing tension and enlightening the mind. Followed by Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Ginger Wrap on abdomen and a heated TCM pack to stimulate cellular metabolism and soothe the abdominal cramps during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Ginger helps release congested fluids to diminish bloating and remove toxins. 
High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)Treatment at TIME by MTM
Non-invasive techniques such as high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy can be effectively used against the root causes of aging to improve sagging facial contours. It helps to excite the SMAS tissue to simultaneously lift and firm muscle and skin structures, reorganizing the skin’s foundation of support and enhancing facial profile. It also reduces wrinkles and neck lines, improves the quality of skin and helps you retain your youthfulness, setting a new base for a perfect contour. 
Custom-Blended Authentic Beauty Sets
MTM Skin Calming Kit
A complimentary MTM Skin Calming Kit will be yours upon the purchase of any skincare products worth HK$3,800 net (total valued at HK$1,320)
 ‧ Custom-Blended Calming Emulsion (27mL)
 ‧ Custom-Blended Nutriment Mask (10g)
The Secret Garden Body Cream
A complimentary The Secret Garden Body Cream will be yours upon the purchase of any spa services worth HK$10,800 net (total valued at HK$2,000)
 ‧ The Secret Garden Body Cream (120g) 
 ‧ Limited Edition Carrying Pouch
 ‧ HK$1,000 credit on spa services 
MTM Skin Replenishing Kit
A complimentary MTM Skin Replenishing Kit will be yours upon the purchase of any medical aesthetic treatments worth HK$12,800 net (total valued at HK$2,700)
 ‧ Custom-Blended Epi-Shield (20mL) 
 ‧ Solar Shield PLUS SPF50+ PA+++ (30g)
 ‧ HK$1,000 credit on medical aesthetic treatments 
Terms and Conditions 
1. The privileges are valid until 15 October, 2017, while stocks last. 
2. MTM reserves the right of final decision in case of disputes.