Unveiling the Secrets of Skin Cells Original State of Pure Fairness is Ultimately Restored



The new Custom-Blended Re-White Treatment is designed to amplify the benefits of our Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas, a whitening collection that has been officially authenticated as a Quasi-drug in Japan.  It combines with a rich variety of Custom-Blended extracts and incorporates the superior performance of the “Penetration & Electroporation Solution”. This enables the ingredients of the whitening collection to effectively penetrate deep into the basal layer of the skin. Through this advanced solution, temporary micro-holes are formed in the phosphatides of the cell membrane. These tiny openings facilitate the infusion of intense nourishment into every skin cell. With this treatment the skin instantly regains its hydration, fairness and firmness. This facial treatment leads to an ultimate vision of whitening aesthetics while paying the highest respect to its safety.
MTM professional skincare consultants would help creating your personal [ Custom-Blended Skincare ] facial treatment or call our Customer Care Centre Hotline at 2811 5885 for more details.