[ Custom-Blended Skincare ] White Safe and Effective Quasi Drugs



White is the symbol of discreet elegance in nature, purity, the eternal base color. MTM [ Custom-Blended Skincare ] progressively restores the ultimate source of fairness in the skin, a state of purified, flawless beauty.
Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas, a whitening collection that has been officially approved as a Quasi-drug in Japan. According to Japan’s Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Quasi-drugs are a unique product classification that has minimal to moderate pharmacologic activity. With excellent levels of safety and an efficacy proven under precise authentication procedures, this collection has a double action to suppress the production of melanin and prevent the formation of pigmentation. It leads to a new vision of whitening aesthetics while paying the highest respect to product safety.
You are most welcomed to make any enquiries or an appointment with our professional skincare consultant or our Customer Care Hotline at 2811 5885, we will provide you with a personalized “White” solution to restore the healthy radiance of your skin. [ Custom-Blended Skincare ] brings about the ultimate return of original state of purity.