Brand Story

MTM [.Custom-Blended Formulation • Your Skincare Solution.]

Like fresh leaf, our skin looks alike, yet different in many ways. MTM pampers your skin and understands its innate uniqueness. With a distinctive perspective on the definition of skincare, MTM pursues < Authentic Beauty > by listening carefully to the needs of skin and breaking secret codes. The brand’s core value [.Custom-Blended Skincare.] is a strong foundation for < Authentic Beauty>, which represents our respect and care for your skin.

MTM [.Custom-Blended Skincare.], founded in 1991, was originated from the unique Japanese skincare concept < Authentic Beauty >. Researched and developed in Japan, MTM realizes the special needs of Asian skin. This timeless value has enabled MTM to mature into a multi-dimensional brand that comprises of made in Japan Custom-Blended Skincare products, facial treatments, SPA by MTM, and high performance medical aesthetic treatments at TIME by MTM. All of these mutually-reinforcing products and services have brought MTM to a leading position in Asia’s skincare market.